Want Stacks Of Cash?? How To Get Started In 5 Easy Steps

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Financial freedom – the day where you are so rich, you don’t even know when payday is anymore.

Is that something you would like for yourself?

Whether you are chasing this season’s top fashion trend, or trying to keep up with the Kardasians’s, everyone would like more money.

More money buys you more freedom and more options of what you can do with your time.

But if the best you have come to saving is all your small change in an old glass bottle, then this is for you.

Dreaming of a lottery win or secret inheritance is just that: a dream.

It is time to take action to step up and take full control of our financial health, as we know life rewards action.

It’s time to start saving our fortune today, party girls.

Here are my 5 simple steps to get going:

1. Start a healthy relationship with your money

How often do you check your bank account?

Do you avoid looking at it or dreading it when you have to?

If you treated your lover in the same way, how do you think your relationship would grow, if you are constantly avoiding them?

It’s time to fall in love with managing your money. Even if you don’t think it is very much, be checking in on it and showing it appreciation daily.

I learned this from “The Manifestation Babe Katherin Zenkina”, who says you should be dating your money and giving it love each day.

There is also a great saying “What you focus on grows”, so focus on your money if you want it to grow.

Don’t be scared to check in on it. Even if you feel its not enough, show it some appreciation for being there and see what happens.

2. Appreciate, even love your bills

Now you are dating your bank account, it’s time to show some love for your bills.

Remember these bills are payments for items or amenities that you have benefited from.

When the buzz of the buy is long gone and the bill for payment has arrived, go back to think about that item or amenity and feel appreciation for it before paying that bill.

If it’s for the electricity or gas in your house, try to imagine how you would cope with out it?

Cold in the dark and no way to heat your water or food? Now how do you feel about that bill

If it’s for your credit card – think of each item it has brought for you and how you feel when you wear that dress or put on that make up.

Think about how you felt on that holiday or how much fun you had out with friends for a celebration.

Once you can feel grateful for those items and that bill, then pay it.

And the final one – your tax bill.

This has always been a tough one, but remember when you’re driving home at night, you’re paying for those lights that light your way.

Think about how grateful you are for tax when you don’t have heaps of rubbish outside your house because you pay your taxes.

If you have a business, don’t be scared of your tax bill – the bigger it is, the more successful you are, so pay it with pride.

NEVER pay bills when your feeling ungrateful for them or you may end up with more unexpected ones coming your way. You have been warned.

3. Save 10% or if not even 5% of all money you earn

This is a rule we should all stick by and one I use and notice a massive difference in my money when I do.

This one is very simple, but you must be disciplined.

For every $1 you earn put 10% of it away, if you really struggle with 10% put away 5%.

Now, this isn’t savings for a holiday or car or item to consume – this money is your psychological safety net and savings for life.

If you want to buy an item, you need to save separately.

This is your money cushion.

If you can master this and get it going, the effects to your money mindset and bank balance will grow exponentially.

It sounds so easy, but sometimes you will feel you don’t have enough. Fight that feeling and put it aside anyway. See if you can manage, because at the end of the day, it is still there if you need it for an emergency.

If you do have to break into the money, don’t be hard on yourself. Start again and keep the habit of saving 10%.

If you research wealthy people ,you will find this on their list of how they made their fortunes – so give it a go.

4. Have a savings tin

This is my foundation for savings and I recommend it to everyone.

When I started this in Australia, I brought a tin money box with a dollar note design on it. I promised myself not to open it (with a tin opener) until it was full.

I managed it every day. At the end of the day I opened my purse and looked at what I had and what I thought I needed for the next day anything extra I put in the tin.

Then I started saving 10% of what I got and started putting that in.

I kept it up and putting in coins and notes until I couldn’t fit anything else in and when I opened it I was so shocked to find I had $1200 AUD!

Since then I have brought bigger tins and done the same.

The most I saved was $2100. It felt incredible! I have one going now. It’s a great starter for those who want to change from a spending mindset to a saving one.

Its also best when you don’t know how much is in there, as you can’t allocate it to an item to buy.

Again self discipline is key. I brought one for a girlfriend who lasted 2 weeks before she broke into it!

Do you have what it takes to wait until you cannot fit another dollar in???

5. Have a secret bank account

If you master the tin then you are ready to go next level to the secret bank account!!

With internet banking making it so easy to access and transfer your money between accounts, sometimes you cannot help yourself. You find yourself transferring your hard-earned saving for a night out or splurge.

It is so easily done, so it’s time to take on the banks and play by your own rules. This is how the secret bank account works.

Choose a bank that is separate from your own. If possible, make it one that isn’t on every high street – one that you have to seek out a branch for.

Once chosen, go in and ask to set up a savings account with them but tell them you do not want internet banking (NO ONLINE ACCESS).

The only way to access you money is to go in and ask a cashier over the counter.

Now set up the bank account in your regular account address book with a standing order payment to it each week, fortnight, or month of at least 10% of your earnings.

Let it go out like a bill and forget about it. Again, this isn’t for anything it’s your money cushion to give you comfort that you have money.

This stops you feeling like you are living week to week and running out. If you do run out you don’t touch it manage to work it out with the little money you have until you get paid again.

You will be surprised how easily you can make it work!.

Developing a money mindset is like working on your muscles – you need to keep at it and keep pushing yourself.

Once you master saving 10%, go for 15% and see what happens!

Don’t break into it for general items only really desperate emergencies.

You will be amazed at how having this money either in a tin or bank account will give you confidence and a saving attitude over a consuming one.

That’s it party girls – 5 tips for building yourself a stack of cash.

Start today!

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