Ditch the day job for the dream job: Part 2 of My top 10 tips

Ditch the day job Part 2

Hello Beautiful Party Girls

I hope you have been working away at the points in part one?

If you have you should by now, have worked out your value and skills.

Found your missing knowledge and found a course to level up with.

Here is part 2

5 extra ways to go from boring day job to amazing dream job.

I hope you enjoy it.

6 Be the problem solver not creator

People pay for solutions fact.

If you are someone who gets caught up in the problem worrying about what could happen and all that could go wrong…

let’s change that.

Employers or if you have your own business value the people who come up with the solutions.

When hit with a challenge,

work out what your desired out come is and then what your first most important step to take to get there is.

Once you are taking proactive actions, solutions end up coming your way.

Being stuck worrying in the problem gets you no where.

7 Reach out and stand out

How are you marketing yourself to potential employees?

or if your own a business your own customers.

What is your social media presence?

as a party girl you may worried there are too many pictures of you out partying.

As long as everyone is not of you completely wasted don’t shy from showing all sides of you.

Party girls have lots of sort after skills-

we are great communicators, networkers with stamina to match.

Do you have a LinkedIn in profile where prospective employers can find you.

You can write a regular blog about your accomplishments for people in the industry you want to get in.

What connections or friends do you have with connections

that are able to put you in touch with someone of value to you.

Make sure you are reaching out and seeing who in your friendship circle could help?

8 Dress the part

Now as party queens we know the value of a great outfit for a night out!

But in your job do you dress for success?

Make sure you go into work feeling great and looking the part.

Even if you have to wear a uniform you can accessories,

with jewelry, hair and make up to make you look and feel on top of your game.

So you are ready to face anything and anyone.

This can also help you stand out when it comes to promotions.

Those that are well groomed and take care with their appearance show keenness,

over those that drag them selves out of bed in the morning, chuck something on and head in.

9 Side hustle


Do you dream of starting you own business,?

With the internet and a website that you can make yourself the world is your oyster.

If you don’t want to leave the considered safety of you current job you can start a side hustle.

I did it this way,

Silent Disco King Australia (SDKA) was my side hustle while working full time jobs, until it became able to support me.

Party Girls on purpose then became my side hustle from SDKA.

Get started, use your free time and money from your current role to create your passion business.

Keep going until it can support you with out the other job.

I’ve heard many say break away, quit and go for it, but why put yourself under added financial pressure?

Your free time is free, if it means enough you will be willing to give up some of that to get your side hustle going then you are on your way.

10 Study companies or people you love and admire


You may have heard of the saying standing on the shoulder of giants,

this is the age-old method of learning from those that have gone before us.

Learning from those that have the role or success you crave

without making the mistake they made is invaluable.

Study companies or people.

See how they went from a garage to a multi national corporation or from busker to singing superstar.

You will discover what it takes and actually if you want to grow as big as them

or if you would be happy being big in you own town its up to you.

Go for it party girls.

If you are unhappy in your current working situation or know you can do better the time for action is now.

Sticking in an unfulfilling job will not last;

the universe has very strange ways of kicking your butt to make changes.

If you are not loving life and going for your full potential

it will bring about circumstance to make you change.

Sacked from at least 3 unfulfilling jobs that I was doing to make the money to party and pay bills!

At the time It was devastating but realize it was all to push me to get where I am today and for that I am very grateful.

I apologise to some of the people who sacked me as I wasn’t giving them 100% . My dreams were BIGGER than those roles.

I wanted to create my own businesses and freedom.

You can find the time to up skill, learn and train,

those that have everything you want had to start somewhere and put in the hours.

You will need to too but the rewards will be amazing.

Keep Sparkling Party Girls


Lauren Victoria Ellingham








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