Ditch the day job for the dream job: Part 1 of My top 10 tips


I have a question for you: Do you love your job?

If you answered YES, that’s great news – get out there and keep smashing it, party girl! Make sure you stay on top of game and climbing high in whatever role or business you are in.

If like many people your answer is NO – no problem party girl – I’m here to help!

Most people fall into a job because they want money for the things they have in their life –
material items, travel and of course, partying.

In the USA, a survey by Pew Research Center found that 30% of workers view their job as something to get them by.

A Gallup survey also found that 44% of women would change jobs if they found one with more flexibility.

We value our time and sometimes get stuck in a job rut because we get used to the salary and the security it brings.

The thought of losing that can be intimidating and scary.

If your dreams are bigger than your current role,
here is part one the top 10 tips to start you on the path to your dream job or business.

1. Understand your values –

Ask yourself: What do you love doing, what gets you out of bed with no struggle or snooze button required?

What’s something you would do for free if could do it everyday?

It could be a hobby, interest or something you find people coming to you for that you enjoy doing for them.

Identify what you value and love spending you’re time on, this is key as once it recognised, we can start to look at ways to do it more and monetise it.

Before you say “I cant get paid to do that”, believe me you can monetize ANYTHING nowadays.

2. List your skills and underlying skills

(what do people come to you for)

At Party girls on purpose we are sharing the message ‘Know your worth”

Have you ever written down all the things you are good at into a list?

Then taken time to appreciate all the abilities you have?

Some come naturally and other you have learnt.

Is there anything that people come to you for to help them with that you are recognising as a skill?

We spend our whole lives learning and growing –
sometimes intentionally sometimes through the challenges of life.

Either way we are learning and that gives us skills we can use to help us in a career or business.

Make sure you are aware of them and and make others aware of them when going for a new role or position.

3. Up skill, online, part time, night school

If you believe that when you leave school that’s it your learning is over, I have news party girl.

The world is moving at a faster and faster pace,
if you don’t keep leveling up your skills you will be left behind or overlooked for someone who has.

There are many ways to keep learning,
asking your work if they have any courses is a great start to show you are keen and eager team member.

Others you can do at home in your spare time, only one hour a week within a year can teach you a new skill to help go for that role.

4. Volunteer or internship

If the role is hard to get into and you don’t want to give up the comfort of your regular salary,

consider volunteering or taking on a part time internship.

Here you can show prospective employers what you can do

and how keen you are to learn and get involved with out payment to begin with.

This is also a way of up skilling and learning while on the actual job. Make sure it has the prospects to go to a paid position or a proper role.

There are some companies that use volunteers and interns for free or cheap labor with no progression available.

Do your research first especially of you are going to be giving up your free time.

5. Reach out and stand out

How are you marketing yourself to potential employees?

If you have your own business, to your customers?

What is your social media presence?

As a party girl you may worried there are too many pictures of you out partying,
as long as everyone is not of you completely wasted, don’t be afraid to show all sides of you.

Party girls have lots of sort after skills –
from being great communicators, networkers with stamina to match.

Do you have a LinkedIn in profile where prospective employers can find you?

You can also write a regular blog about your accomplishments,
showcase yourself to more people in the industry you would like to to get in.

What connections or friends do you have with valuable connections?

Are they able to put you in touch with someone of value to you?

Make sure you are reaching out and seeing who in your friendship circle could help?

This should give you some actionable steps Party Girls.

You can start with today to get you on track to the job, career or business you have always dreamed about.

Get started today then you will be ready to read part  2, this will take you to the next level of your work life adventure.

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